Monday, March 22, 2010

Week ending 3/21, Stinker in New Bedford

Well another race I could not wait to get to all winter, the New Bedford Half Marathon. After just 2 miles, I couldn't wait to get home. Last year I ran my 1st Half Marathon here and did fairly well (1:19:18) and was really looking forward to running sub 6 for the whole thing this year. I woke up with a slightly sore throat and some congestion, but didn't think it would be a big deal, the course is flat and you don't max out up any hills. After the 2 mile mark (11:56) I was already off last year by 30 seconds and starting to lose people fast and furious. I could not take a deep breath and my legs felt tight and sore. I thought hard about just stopping but wasn't quite sure how many Masters runners we had in the race, so I jogged on to the finish while being passed by roughly 300 people. I am not too concerned because I know I am in better shape than last year, although I have been in a funk since mid february. I am a little worried that this congestion may be from my allergies that I have seem to developed late in life. (a farmer with allergies is not good) I usually struggle with them in April, and this seems a little early. I hope they are not getting worse and I can find some meds that work to help me when I am running.
Mon 2 miles , spent most of the day watching the farm's epic flood
Tues 6.2 JA loop easy 48:30
Wed 7.5 Doyle field, 2.5 w/u then 3 hard on the track 17:25 last 200 in 35, 2 w/d , felt a little stiff and akward.
Thur am 6 JA easy
pm 6 miles to move tractor
Fri 3.5 easy
Sat 7.5 mi to move tractor, then probably 2 miles sprinting up and down my street, teaching my daughter to ride a bike. Her expression when she finally got it, was awesome. It was one of those moments in life that make me thankful to be a dad!
Sun 16+ , 3 mi w/u, New Bedford stinker in 1:31:45, no need to warm down.
Total 55 miles Year = 770.5


  1. I guess NB wasn't the ideal race for either one of us. Good news is that we're getting the clunkers out of the way. I'm glad you toughed it out instead of taking a DNF. That takes guts...but who really cares about one half marathon? Your daughter can ride a bike and she'll hang onto that forever.

  2. "pm 6 miles to move tractor
    Sat 7.5 mi to move tractor"

    You sound like Dick Beardsley.

  3. The funny thing is I run faster than the Tractor Drives! Now if I could only run like Dick Beardsley.