Monday, February 21, 2011

Training 2/14 - 2/27

Feb 14 - Feb 20MON 7mi easy 7:45 pace recovery run with 2x 150 strides after
TUES 6.2mi, JA group run 1st since Jan 6, easy 50:45 a little icy
WED 12.5mi, Ran from the farm to home after moving my loader back to the farm, did a 10.2 Tempo at 6:45 pace almost all uphill with 350 ft elevation gain.
THUR 6.2, JA loop 48:45
FRI 9 mi, 7.5 at 7:10 pace with 6 x 200 strides after
SAT 9.5 mi, easy 7:40 pace, very cold and windy
SUN 11 mi easy 7:45 pace

Total 61.5 miles year=275.5

Feb 21- Feb 27
MOn off
Tues 8 mi, 7.5 at 7:25 pace with 2x200 strides after
Wed 5mi treadmill easy
Thur 12 mi, ran from the farm to sterling did 2miles in 14min then alternate hard easy miles 5:49,6:40,6:07,6:50,6:00 , 5 miles in 31:30 and I was done, I wanted 2 more but it wasn't happening did 5 warm down to the garage
Fri 8 mi Treadmill slow
Sat 22 miles, not too bad ran 7:45 pace and other than icy slush and having to run in traffic, a good run
Sun 5mi easy treadmill after snowplowing AGAIN
Total 60 miles Year=335.5

It is good to finally get 2 consistant weeks in. I am going to try to find a 5 mile or 10k to race this week or next to get a feel for NB. Anyone knows of a good one let me know. I don't race enough to find good races.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Training 2/7 - 2/13

Tues 0
Wed 3.5mi treadmill easy (there is no where to saftely run around my house)
Thur 7.5 mi 7:40 pace from Bobs house
Fri 0
Sat 0 (hopefully the last day for a while of snow removal)
Sun 20+ easy 8:10 pace with Bob and Rick, felt better than I thought it would, I actually had some sprint left in me on the last mile when I had to catch up after taking a leak
Total 31 miles year = 214
Goal for this week is no 0 days

Friday, February 11, 2011

S'No Bueno

Training 1/17-2/6

5 runs 40 miles

Hours snow removal 347

Nothing like an old fashioned New England

Winter ass whooping to knock my training back

to square one. With no snow forcasted this

week I have been able to get back to running

and more importantly catch up on the latest

Bob Wiles Training Video's