Monday, December 7, 2009

Mill Cities Relay, week ending 12/6/09

I traveled up to Nashua for the second year in a row to the 1st leg of the Mill Cities Relay, for the NMC. I was not sure I would be able to make the start of the race as the weather was calling for snow and I need to snowplow. My day began at 2 a.m. when the snow stopped and I could hopefully get my stops done in time to head up to Nashua. Luckily we had less than 2" of snow and I was able to reach Nashua in plenty of time, much to the relief of my teamates who were deciding which one of them was going to have to do 2 legs! I wasn't sure what to expect with 2hrs sleep, and my legs tend to cramp up after snowplowing. As the brick dropped for the start I started slowly and my legs felt supprisingly good.
I began passing people and picked off 10 or 12 runners during the 5.65 mile leg and finished 8th in 32:45, 1:20 faster than last year. Our Coed masters team ended up 3rd in our division...good enough for a brick.
I ran back to the start after and for the first time my hamstring wasn't sore at all after a hard effort. I am definately ready for more miles and rested and hungry to train again.

week of 11/30 - 12/6
mon 0
tues 6.2 JA w/bob and brian 48:10
wed o
thur 10 from home 7:30/mi
fri 0 (work)
sat 10 easy 8:00/mi
sun 13 mill cities 32:45 for 5.65, 8th pl
Total 39 miles year=2305

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ayer Firefighters 5k and Training?

Photo: warmer days on the farm!

The Ayer Firefighters 5k on Thanksgiving was the race I had been hoping to break 17 minutes on this year. I ran 17:27 last year and was in much better shape this year. I am in the last week of mostly resting and did not run since Slattery's on Sunday. My hamstring is starting to feel much better and after warming up with Jaime I though I was ready to pop one more 40+ PR this year. I lined up with Jaime and Andy McCarron, and the race seemed to go out pretty fast. I tried to keep Andy in sight for the first mile and looked at the clock at 1 mile and saw 4:40, and began to panic until I looked at my watch and
read 5:40 which was 20 seconds slower than last year. I then got passed by Jaime and a few young guys, and realized my attempt to break 17 was out the window. Jaime got 20 yards ahead and I tried to focus on running hard but relaxed and at 2 miles I had caught and passed Jaime again. I hit 2 miles in 11:25 and by the 3 mile turn I was trying to put as much distance on Jaime as possible as he still has 2 minute 800 speed. Luckily the finish is downhill and I was able to hold off Jaime and another 40+ guy for a close finish. I finished 9th behind Andy in 17:46. After talking with several people, the consensus was the course seemed longer this year. The race director mentioned during the Awards about it being 400 feet or so longer this year, adding several 90 degree turns. I have now reached the end of my fitness and I am looking forward to serious Base training and no important races until DH Jones in February.

Training Nov 23- 29
M-W 0
Thur 9 mi ayer 5k 17:46
1+ mi at home
fri 8 mi 7:30/mi
sat 8 mi 7:30/mi
Sun 10 mi 7:40/mi
Total 36 miles Year=2266