Thursday, January 20, 2011

Training 1/10 - 1/16

Mon 12.5 mi, 5 easy then 7.5 at 7:15 pace
Tues 12.5 mi, 10 mile tempo in 1:06:40 (6:45 pace) felt great and easy
Wed 0, Blizzard, snow plow
Thur 13mi, 7:45 pace , Ran to Bob's and did 6 mi with him and ran home did 2x200 strides after
Fri8.5 mi, Roads a mess could only manage 8:15/mile
Sat 7.5 mi, easy,Roads still terrible, bad head cold
Sun 6mi, easy, roads suck, feel like hell
Total 60 miles year=143
Tough week with the weather and head cold, also a lot of late nights plowing and hauling snow.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Training 1/3 - 1/9

Mon 9 mi , 7.5 light tempo 7:10 pace with 7x200 strides after
Tues 7.5mi , easy 7:45/mi
Wed 15 mi, 1st 6mi at 7:00/mi then next 5.5 at 6:30 pace, did 11.5 miles in 1:16:20 (6:45/mi) then 9 minute miles home, really tired
Thur 6.2mi, JA loop easy 49:00
Fri 12 mi, 7.5 mi at 7:30 pace , then 10 x 100 strides
Sat 5.5 mi, real easy, tired
Sun 8.5 mi, 7:45 pace, still tired,left hammy sore
Total 63.5 miles year = 83
So far the biggest milage week since March, I am still trying to get my milage up where I want it but my legs are heavy and tired all the time.

Friday, January 7, 2011


The Numbers:
miles=1,936 life=25,896
Races= 4 (Really Pathetic)
40+ Pr's = 1/31 Log cabin 10k 35:39
2/28 DH Jones 10mi 1:00:52
Biggest Milage month ever=Jan 371
Last 3 years milage 2007=1343,2008=1613,2009=2492

Really not much to be exited about after Feb last year. I was on track for a big year until life and job took over. I hope to get back to similar fitness by April this year and race a whole lot more.

Goals for 2011
1. Get over 2,600 miles for the year
2. Race at least 1 time a month( try for 20 races this year)
3. Finally comlete the marathon distance while still running(Boston will be my 10th marathon) I have only made it to mile 23 so far without some running catastrophe.
4. Set a 40+ Pr at every distance Raced this year
5. Help CMS 40+ team this year (score at least 1 damn point!)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Training 12/20-1/2/2011

Mon 12 mi, tempo 6 mi @6:20pace followed with another 4 @ 6:45

tues 6.2 48:40

wed 10 mi, 7:25/mi with 10x200 strides

thur off no time(christmas shopping)

fri 5.5 mi slow

Sat 0 christmas, too much travelling

sun 0, poor time management getting equipment ready for snow

Total 33.5 year=1903

12/27- 1/2

Mon 0 Blizzard

Tues 10.5 easy lots of slipping

wed 4.5 treadmill

Thur 8mi, 7:30 pace but felt harder

fri 10 mi, 8:20 pace, legs feel real heavy

Sat 12 mi, 3 w/u followed by 55 minutes with 1min hard, 1 minute off, covered a little over 8 miles

Sun 7.5mi, 8:10 pace, legs feel like crap

Total 52.5 2010=1936 ( nearly 500 less than last year)

I seem to have some really heavy dead legs right now, I will pass it off as too much eating and drinking over the Hollidays and start watching my diet from here and see if it gets better.