Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Training 12/13-12/19

Mon 10 mi 8 miles slow 8:10/mi then 10x150 strides
Tues 6.2mi 46:40
Wed off...bad head cold, very tired
Thur 8 mi easy 7:40/mi
Fri 8 mi a little harder 7:10/mi
Sat 6.5 very slow, very tired 8:25/mi
Sun 14 mi easy 8:00/mi with a group
Total 53 miles year=1869.5
Pretty much a forced recovery week, I probably went too long without taking a day off and my body let me know. Hopefully I will get more quality stuff in next week.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Training 12/6-12/12

Mon 10 mi , ran 3 w/u with the dog then 3 hard in 18:23 then 4 w/d
Tues 6.2 mi, 46:30 JA loop w/group
Wed 11mi, tempo 6:40 pace for 7.5 miles in cold and wind. a little better
than last week
Thur 6.2mi, 48:50 JA w/group very cold am
Fri 7.5 mi, 7:20 pace
Sat 7.5 + 30 minutes Fartlek in the middle
Sun 12.5mi, miserable icy,cold,rain 8:30 with group
Total 61 miles Year=1816.5(after fixing an adding error in July,
......Maybe I can still reach 2000mi)
Not a bad week 3 little workouts and still feel good and improving from last week.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Training 11/29 - 12/5

Mon 9mi, 7:10/mi followed with 10x 100 strides
Tue 6.2mi, 46:50
wed 10mi, "easy tempo" started at 7:10 pace and ran faster for 6 miles
averaged 6:50 pace then backed off to finish 10 in 1:09:45
I was pretty tired at 6 but at least it is a start.
Thur 6.2, 47:20
Fri 6.5 miles 7:40 pace and tired
Sat 4.5 miles with the dog, very tired
Sun 12.5 miles 7:50 pace with friends easy
Total 55 miles year =1,653.5

This is the biggest week for me since the week of NB in March, and the first time I have run all 7 days in the week. With 40 miles last week I think I am ready to do some base type workouts and start to get in shape again, with the goal of running some races in January.