Monday, July 26, 2010

7/19 - 7/25 a solid week

Mon 8mi 7:40 pace with 5x200 strides
Tues 6.2 fast as hell. Showed up late to the run, ran all out to try and catch the group Hit the 1st mile in 6:10 and then hammered the next 1.5 miles all uphill to make the turnaround in 15:20, a minute and a half faster than I ever have. I caught the group at 3 miles and was supprised they had started over 6 minutes ahead of me running the usual 7:50 pace. I don't think I am in as bad a shape as I thought, at least for the short stuff.
Wed 0
Thur 6.2 on time 47:55 drills after, highknee,butt kicks,fast feet, skipping
Fri 0
Sat 8.5 7:30 pace with 5x200 strides
Sun 13.5 double loop from farm 7:35 pace
Total 42 miles year=1131.5

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

week 1 July 12 -18

mon 0
Tues 6.2 , group 48:50
wed 0
thur 6.2 , grop 48:20
fri 7 mi ran the 1st 3 at 7:10 pace then overheated badly, you would think working in the heat all day I would be acclimated but I struggled home at 8+/mi
Sat 0
Sun 10 miles 7:45 pace, felt ok but 10 was the limit of my fitness
Total 30 year = 1089.5

I had hoped for a little more this week but the heat killed me.

Monday, July 12, 2010


The last 11 weeks of falling out of shape

25,41,39,21,10,22,11,40,12,5.5,10.5, year = 1059.5

After a very stressful spring on the farm I am finally ready to resume training. I have lost all fitness and gained 12 lbs in the process, putting me a full 20 lbs over when I set most of my Pr's 20 years ago. It is very frustrating to have been in such great shape only to loose it so quick. I don't know how many more chances I will get at bringing down some Pr's, but my focus will be on running Baystate this fall. I feel great and well... rested at least.