Monday, April 26, 2010

3 weeks of Training????

Week of 4/5-4/11
Mon 8 mi @ 6:55/mi
Tues 7 mi easy
Wed 5 mi. goal 6x 1mile @5:50 with 2min rest. 5:45(2:00) then my heart rate suddenly jumped to max and I couln't get it to come down. I had to stop the workout and did a full 800 jog/walk to calm it down. I am not sure what happened, this has happened to me a few times over the last 20 years while running and swimming, and I need to remember to ask my doctor on my next yearly physical. I drink way too much cafein, and I hope this is all it is.
Thur off
Fri 13.5 mi, I decided to try wednesday's workout the rain and running in lane 2 on the turns because of puddles. 5:50(2:00)5:45(1:59)5:46(2:00)5:44(2:01)5:44(2:00)5:40 I jogged a 300 on the rests and felt real smooth. I could have been running even faster, given the extra distance on the turns.
Sat 6.5 easy
Sun 11 mi, did 8 miles at 6:20 pace. A sort of progression run starting at 6:40 and finishing sub 6. then 3 easy
Total 51 miles year =897
Mon 5 easy
Tues 6.2 JA loop 48:30
Wed 0 work
Thur 0
Fri 00
Sat 000
Sun 0000
total 11 year 908
4/19 - 4/25
Mon 8mi 7:20 pace
Tues 6.2 JA loop 45:40
Wed 0
Thur 00
Fri 000
Sat 0000
Total 14 mi year=922
I am extreamly frustrated with the last 2 weeks. Mid April is the start of Corn planting for me and the first 10 acres (out of 80) are the most stressful. I can not concentrate on anything else until I get this done. I need to get several pieces of equipment ready and fields ready. All the planting equipment is so specialized that I am the only one who can fix and adjust it, so I can not delegate any of it...Its all on me. I will have all of this done by Today so hopefully I can now move forward with my training, although I have no idea what to do now; Go back to base training or try to pick up the plan where I left off. I guess just getting back to running is a step in the right direction and will help with my general mental attitude. I am sure anyone who has been around me the last few weeks can attest to...I have been a bear to be around.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Training 3/22-4/4

Mon 3/22 off , sick
Tues 0 sick
Wed 0, still coughing up large chunks of lungs
Thur 3 slow and easy
fri 6 easy
sat 0
sun 8.5 easy
Total 24.5 rough week

Mon 3/29, 8 mi then 2 strides
Tues 0 fields flooding again
Wed 5 mi 6:55 pace
Thur 13+ Doyle field track. goal 6x1mile @6:00 w/2:00 jog rest
6:00(1:58)5:56(2:00)5:58(2:00)5:56(2:00)5:50 did all the rest in a full 400. Was supposed to be easy and it was. I was fully recovered after 1 min. finally starting to feel good after the head cold from hell!
Fri 8 mi 7:45/mi
Sat 10.5 mi , goal 20 min hard tempo. 3.5 w/u, 3.5 c/d, did the 20 minutes at 5:55 pace
Sun 6.5 easy, bloated after easter dinner
Total 51 miles year =846

Got a shiny new training plan from Nate, which will carry me through Baystate. I am really excited to get on to the next phase of my training after a disapointing last 6 weeks. I will now focus more on my workouts than mileage, although I hope to average 60-70 for the rest of the year. I also hope to race a bit more if I can fit it in. I think it will help me race better if I get a better feel for it.