Monday, January 25, 2010

Training 1/18-1/24

Mon 10 mi mostly easy w/ 6x150 strides after snowplowing
Tues 6.5 mi easy w/cooper in the snow
Wed 0 day off, very tired from 3 days of snow plowing,removal
Thur 18mi , 10mi at 7:20/mi then 5x150 strides followed by 6.5 easy w/cooper
Fri 11 mi 7:45/mi
Sat 17mi Lydiard tempo day 3.5mi/wu, 3.5 wd, Hit the 1st mile in 5:45 a little too aggressive but ran the 9.8 loop in 58:31 (5:59) pace. I had to work a bit harder than last week with more clothing on, but was still 52 seconds faster than last week.
Sun am 15 mi 1st 10 at 7:50 pace, last 5 at 6:40
pm 6.5 mi with cooper easy
Total 84 miles Year=291 miles
I already have more miles this month than any other in over 20yrs with 1 week still to go. If we do not get snow this week I plan on pushing the limits some more!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bigger,Better, Faster 1/11-1/17

Mon 10 mi from home 7:10/mi

Tues am 6.2 JA w/Bob,Brian 49:50

Pm 6.5 mi w/cooper(dog) slow

Wed 11.5 mi from home 8 mi at 7:15/mi then 6x200 hill repeats

Thur 13 mi 7:40/mi

Fri 10+ from home very slow 8:20/mi

Sat 17 mi Lydiard tempo day .3.5 miles easy warm up...then 10 tempo,Hit 1st mile in 5:55 and again struggled to slow down so I just kept going. Planned for 8 miles but felt so good I did 10mi at 6:07/mi. It is a pretty good feeling running PR type pace for a Tempo run, on a very hilly loop. I had a lot more in the tank and was fully recovered on downhills. I ran the 1st 8 mile loop over 2 minutes faster than I ever have. Ran 3.5 easy warm down.

Sun 16 miles 1st 6 w/cooper then 10 more at 7:45/mi

Total 90 miles Year 207

This is 2 of the best weeks I have had yet. The increased miles have not made me overly tired yet. I am hopeful I can still do more.

Monday, January 11, 2010

training 1/4-1/10/10 With a Rebel Yell...More more more

Mon 7.5 miles...treadmill after work all night

Tues am 8 mi...2 solo then JA w/Bob in 48:40

Pm 6 mi easy dragging the dog along

Wed 12 mi...Lydiard tempo day, objective 8mi at 6:50 pace. Hit 1st mi in 6:15 and could not seem to slow down Ran 8 in 51:05 (6:23/mi) . ran another 3.5 after. 1st fast run in a month and it felt real real easy.

Thur am 8.5 mi...2 solo then JA w/Bob in 49:30

Pm 4.5 mi easy with more Dog torture

Fri 9 mi real easy 8:20/mi

swim 520 yds, 1st time in the pool since last April

Sat 13 mi Ran 8 at 7:15/mi then did 8x150 strides followed with 3.5 c/d with the dog

Sun 16.5 mi, ran 3.5 with Rick then another 13 with the group easy

Total 84.5 miles 1 swim 520yd

This is my biggest week since Sept 9, 1990 , Most of my training partners think I am completely nuts but I could have run another 20 miles without any trouble. I feel great and hope I can have a whole winter of weeks like this!

Monday, January 4, 2010

4 weeks of training...climbing the milage ladder

Week of Dec 7 - 13 , 50 miles, 2 days off, long run 14, 1 set of strides
Week of Dec 14 -20 , 43 miles, 3 days off, long run 14, 2 sets of strides
Week of Dec 21 -27, 60 miles, 1 day off, long run 14, 1 set of strides
Week of Dec 28 - Jan3, 66 miles, 0 off, long run 12, 1 set of strides

I hope to keep an average of 70 per week for the next 3-4 months and see how high I can comfortably get my mileage.

2009 Totals 2492 miles 6.8/day 3rd highest year ever. 80 days off
Lifetime 23,957
4 months had the highest miles ever for them
January 256, February 261, March 264, June 215
14 races and 1 solo track time trial gave me 8 40+ pr's
5k Wayland 17:29
6K carlise 20:06
8k franklin park 28:57
5mi Slattery's 28:54
10k Doyle field track 37:32
12K Bedford 44:35
10 mi DHJones 1:01:45
13.1 New Bedford 1:19:18 also all time PR
I also won the USATF Masters Cross Country series making 2009 my best year so far as a master and I remained injury free for the whole year!
Looking for an even better 2010 starting in February at DH Jones