Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Week of Nov 21 - 27

Mon AM Pt with more Graston on left leg. PM 6.5 mi @ 7:45/mile  
Tues 6.2 mi JA loop 48:30
Wed  off

 Thur 7mi 8:00/mi
 Fri 10 mi real easy
 Sat 3.5 mi w/Cooper
  Sun 10.5 mi   8:00/mi  with a group                                                                                                                                                                                         Total 43.5 mi, biggest week since April and the left leg still feels good!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Return to running

After months of frustrating hip and hamstring pain, some simple excersises from my PT have freed up my leg enough to get back to running. And hopefully will fix some muscle imbalances I have been dealing with for 25 years!
M 3mi
Tue 6.2 JA loop 48:30
Wed off
Thur 8 mi 6mi @ 7:00/mi
fri 6.5 7:20/mi
Sat 3.5 easy
Sun 3.5 easy
Total 30.5 mi year=1050

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Training 3/21-3/27

Mon off, legs really tight and hurt
Tues 8 mi, most with cooper at 9 min pace, everything still hurts
wed off,
Thur 8 mi, felt a little better 7:30 pace
Fri 7.5 mi, 7:30 pace
Sat 8 mi, 3 with cooper then 7:20 pace with a couple strides
Sun 24 miles easy 8min pace with the group, about 7 miles of it with 2:11 Marathoner
Gary Siriano, pretty cool, hopefully he will catch up with us on our easy sunday runs. I love hearing stories from the 70's and 80's when we had dozens of fast Marathoners.

Total 55 miles year= 527

Legs felt better as the week went on, I hope I can do more this week.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Training 3/7 -3/20

Week ending March 13

Total 35.5 miles 5 days
Race celtic 5k 17:13 (40+pr)

Week ending March 20
Total 40 miles 4 days
DNF New Bedford 2nd in my life

As they say in my business "you reap what you sow"

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Training 2/28 - 3/6

Mon off
Tues 21.5 mi , Tagged along with Bob on his 21 mile and felt pretty good, a shade under 8min pace. Does two 21 milers in 4 days qualify me as an ultra runner?
Wed 9.5 mi, 7.5 mi easy 7:45 pace followed with 10x150 strides
Thur 8 mi, 7:40 pace
Fri 6.5 mi, 3 with cooper then 3.5 more all at 8:30 pace and very tired
Sat off, not planned, the day got away from me
Sun 15.5 mi, 7:55 pace with The group, felt real easy
Total 61 miles (5 days) Year = 396.5

Keeping up with the build up phase, trying to get comfortable with 60 miles and start increasing my milage after next week. I hope to find a 5 mile race or 10k next sunday to get something in before NB. It has been nearly a year since I ran a race!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Training 2/14 - 2/27

Feb 14 - Feb 20MON 7mi easy 7:45 pace recovery run with 2x 150 strides after
TUES 6.2mi, JA group run 1st since Jan 6, easy 50:45 a little icy
WED 12.5mi, Ran from the farm to home after moving my loader back to the farm, did a 10.2 Tempo at 6:45 pace almost all uphill with 350 ft elevation gain.
THUR 6.2, JA loop 48:45
FRI 9 mi, 7.5 at 7:10 pace with 6 x 200 strides after
SAT 9.5 mi, easy 7:40 pace, very cold and windy
SUN 11 mi easy 7:45 pace

Total 61.5 miles year=275.5

Feb 21- Feb 27
MOn off
Tues 8 mi, 7.5 at 7:25 pace with 2x200 strides after
Wed 5mi treadmill easy
Thur 12 mi, ran from the farm to sterling did 2miles in 14min then alternate hard easy miles 5:49,6:40,6:07,6:50,6:00 , 5 miles in 31:30 and I was done, I wanted 2 more but it wasn't happening did 5 warm down to the garage
Fri 8 mi Treadmill slow
Sat 22 miles, not too bad ran 7:45 pace and other than icy slush and having to run in traffic, a good run
Sun 5mi easy treadmill after snowplowing AGAIN
Total 60 miles Year=335.5

It is good to finally get 2 consistant weeks in. I am going to try to find a 5 mile or 10k to race this week or next to get a feel for NB. Anyone knows of a good one let me know. I don't race enough to find good races.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Training 2/7 - 2/13

Tues 0
Wed 3.5mi treadmill easy (there is no where to saftely run around my house)
Thur 7.5 mi 7:40 pace from Bobs house
Fri 0
Sat 0 (hopefully the last day for a while of snow removal)
Sun 20+ easy 8:10 pace with Bob and Rick, felt better than I thought it would, I actually had some sprint left in me on the last mile when I had to catch up after taking a leak
Total 31 miles year = 214
Goal for this week is no 0 days

Friday, February 11, 2011

S'No Bueno

Training 1/17-2/6

5 runs 40 miles

Hours snow removal 347

Nothing like an old fashioned New England

Winter ass whooping to knock my training back

to square one. With no snow forcasted this

week I have been able to get back to running

and more importantly catch up on the latest

Bob Wiles Training Video's

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Training 1/10 - 1/16

Mon 12.5 mi, 5 easy then 7.5 at 7:15 pace
Tues 12.5 mi, 10 mile tempo in 1:06:40 (6:45 pace) felt great and easy
Wed 0, Blizzard, snow plow
Thur 13mi, 7:45 pace , Ran to Bob's and did 6 mi with him and ran home did 2x200 strides after
Fri8.5 mi, Roads a mess could only manage 8:15/mile
Sat 7.5 mi, easy,Roads still terrible, bad head cold
Sun 6mi, easy, roads suck, feel like hell
Total 60 miles year=143
Tough week with the weather and head cold, also a lot of late nights plowing and hauling snow.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Training 1/3 - 1/9

Mon 9 mi , 7.5 light tempo 7:10 pace with 7x200 strides after
Tues 7.5mi , easy 7:45/mi
Wed 15 mi, 1st 6mi at 7:00/mi then next 5.5 at 6:30 pace, did 11.5 miles in 1:16:20 (6:45/mi) then 9 minute miles home, really tired
Thur 6.2mi, JA loop easy 49:00
Fri 12 mi, 7.5 mi at 7:30 pace , then 10 x 100 strides
Sat 5.5 mi, real easy, tired
Sun 8.5 mi, 7:45 pace, still tired,left hammy sore
Total 63.5 miles year = 83
So far the biggest milage week since March, I am still trying to get my milage up where I want it but my legs are heavy and tired all the time.

Friday, January 7, 2011


The Numbers:
miles=1,936 life=25,896
Races= 4 (Really Pathetic)
40+ Pr's = 1/31 Log cabin 10k 35:39
2/28 DH Jones 10mi 1:00:52
Biggest Milage month ever=Jan 371
Last 3 years milage 2007=1343,2008=1613,2009=2492

Really not much to be exited about after Feb last year. I was on track for a big year until life and job took over. I hope to get back to similar fitness by April this year and race a whole lot more.

Goals for 2011
1. Get over 2,600 miles for the year
2. Race at least 1 time a month( try for 20 races this year)
3. Finally comlete the marathon distance while still running(Boston will be my 10th marathon) I have only made it to mile 23 so far without some running catastrophe.
4. Set a 40+ Pr at every distance Raced this year
5. Help CMS 40+ team this year (score at least 1 damn point!)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Training 12/20-1/2/2011

Mon 12 mi, tempo 6 mi @6:20pace followed with another 4 @ 6:45

tues 6.2 48:40

wed 10 mi, 7:25/mi with 10x200 strides

thur off no time(christmas shopping)

fri 5.5 mi slow

Sat 0 christmas, too much travelling

sun 0, poor time management getting equipment ready for snow

Total 33.5 year=1903

12/27- 1/2

Mon 0 Blizzard

Tues 10.5 easy lots of slipping

wed 4.5 treadmill

Thur 8mi, 7:30 pace but felt harder

fri 10 mi, 8:20 pace, legs feel real heavy

Sat 12 mi, 3 w/u followed by 55 minutes with 1min hard, 1 minute off, covered a little over 8 miles

Sun 7.5mi, 8:10 pace, legs feel like crap

Total 52.5 2010=1936 ( nearly 500 less than last year)

I seem to have some really heavy dead legs right now, I will pass it off as too much eating and drinking over the Hollidays and start watching my diet from here and see if it gets better.