Monday, February 22, 2010

February 15-21 , extream patience

Mon 0
Tues 0
Wed 8.5 foot felt better did 4x 150 strides
Thur 1.5 foot really painful
Fri 0
Sat 6.5 easy foot much better
Sun 7 easy foot much better
Total 23.5 year = 553.5
I was really cautious this week. Patience is not something I am good at. In the past I would have continued running and it may have healed but more likely I would end up missing 6 months and have to start from square 1 again. As I stepped on the scale today I notice I need to ease up on my eating habits when not running as much. I am already 5 lbs up in 1 week of lower miles! I plan on running easy miles this week to get the foot back to 100%. I am sure I will be flat for DHJones but being healthy is more important going forward.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Training 2/1 - 2/14

Mon 10 miles easy,1:20
Tues am 6.2 JA loop w/grp 48:30
pm 5.5 easy w/cooper
Wed off too much work
Thur am 6.2 JA loop w/grp 47:30
pm 8 mi 6 w/cooper then 6x150 strides
Fri 10 mi easy
Sat 8.5 3.5 w/u then 4x400 hills 3.5 w/d
Sun 15 mi easy with the group
Total 69 miles, a good time to throw in an easy week before some hard ones year = 440
Mon 23 miles, I was just trying to get 2 hrs of aerobic miles in but I felt so good I pushed the limits running 6:50 pace for 21 miles (2:23:30) I could have run a marathon pr today! I hit the 16th mile in 6:23 feeling real loose.
Tues 10 easy. kicked a metal dog tie out in our yard in the middle of the night walking said dog. damn stupid! foot hurt pretty good on the run
Wed 11 mi easy foot in extream pain
Thur am 6.2 mi JA loop w/group 47:40 foot a little better
pm 6 easy w/cooper
Fri 10 easy 7:45 pace foot feeling better
Sat Lydiard tempo day 17 mi(3.5w/u,10tempo,3.5 w/d) Hit the first mile in 5:33 way too fast. legs were a bit tired today in the cold but still hit 8 miles in 47:01 and finished 9.8 in 58:13 . I was 50 seconds faster than 3 weeks ago at 8 miles before my foot started to hurt a bit and the 10 was only 18 seconds faster.
Sun 7 easy, I really wanted to do 17 today and go for 100 but my foot still hurts too much
Total 90 miles year =530 I really wanted to throw in another hard week next week but the wise thing is probably to rest a bit and get the foot right for Amherst.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Log Cabin 10k...1/25-1/31

After checking in with Nate on my last few weeks he suggested I do a race to check my fitness. The only 10k I could find was the low key NMC Log cabin 10k in Fitchburg. I had done this race back in Feb of 1988(33:50) and I remember thinking it was short. I was glad to hear they had made the distance legit since then. It is all uphill for 3.1 then all down back. I started out comfortably fast with another guy for almost a mile, when he asked me which way the course went, and I knew he was about to put the hammer down. I then ran alone for the rest of the race trying to keep the guy in sight. I hit the turn in 18:20 and thought I was gaining on him but then he really picked it up and was gone. At the turn I noticed a very good Master runner Ted McMahon tracking me down. He had beaten me by a good 2 minutes last year at New Bedford. I was surprised to be ahead of him, and ran pretty hard back although I was starting to tighten up in the cold wind with shorts on. I ended up 2nd in 35:39 with a new 40+ PR, and I am pretty happy with the time considering my milage and running in the cold. I expect to be much faster by August for the Bridge of Flowers 10k.
Weekly Training
Mon 6 mi easy on treadmill
Tues am 6.2 mi JA 48:50 w/bob,brian
pm 6.5 with cooper easy
Wed 10.5 mi 7mi then 8x200 hill repeats 7:45/mi for the run
Thur 6.2 JA 46:40 w/bob, Mike
Fri 14mi 1 st 6 with cooper then 8 more at 7:45/mi
Sat 13.5 mi 6 with cooper then 7.5 more easy 8+/mi
Sun 17mi 6.5 mi w/u , log cabin race, then 4.5 w/d
Totals 80 mi Year 371 January=371(biggest month ever)