Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Training 2/28 - 3/6

Mon off
Tues 21.5 mi , Tagged along with Bob on his 21 mile and felt pretty good, a shade under 8min pace. Does two 21 milers in 4 days qualify me as an ultra runner?
Wed 9.5 mi, 7.5 mi easy 7:45 pace followed with 10x150 strides
Thur 8 mi, 7:40 pace
Fri 6.5 mi, 3 with cooper then 3.5 more all at 8:30 pace and very tired
Sat off, not planned, the day got away from me
Sun 15.5 mi, 7:55 pace with The group, felt real easy
Total 61 miles (5 days) Year = 396.5

Keeping up with the build up phase, trying to get comfortable with 60 miles and start increasing my milage after next week. I hope to find a 5 mile race or 10k next sunday to get something in before NB. It has been nearly a year since I ran a race!

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